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Mostly! Because we returned nearly a week ago and I'm still fighting off a heinous sinus cold, a.k.a. the Wrath of Con. ...seriously, it's horrible. I had to go home sick from work on Friday thanks to this. I haven't gone home sick from work since 2005.

But the 'con was awesome. There are parts of it I hardly remember, which is the sure sign of a good trip. ^_^ Not because I was drinking or sleep-deprived - I only drank once and got enough sleep most nights - but because there was a ton going on, and after a while it all kind of blurs.  But here's the con report, with pics to follow at the end:
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Last Dragon*Con..., I don't mean this video.  Although that video is awesome and you should watch it.  ^_^ I mean finally, on the eve of heading off to Dragon*Con 2013, I'm finally posting the few pictures I have that survived Dragon*Con 2012.  I wish there was an epic story of some kind behind the missing pics, but sadly, as I said last year, it was just due to a mishap with my camera and new batteries.  I'm taking every possible precaution against that this year.

But!  I've finally uploaded the 2012 pics, and here they are, in a library over at Photobucket.  I don't have time to link and discuss all of them, but I do have a few favorites:

Red Skull directing traffic.
Harry Potter and Optimus Pimp.
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters for sale. We all had several of these during the trip.
Benny gets his fortune, gets Rickrolled, and gets Loki-bombed. All at once.
And finally, me as Snape, with Luna Lovegood.

We head out for Dragon*Con 2013 before dawn tomorrow!  I came home with 101 pics in 2011.  Let's see if I can break that record this year.  Bwa ha ha!

Yes, that is in fact a raccoon with a machine gun. There was some leaked footage from the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy", and that's about the only thing that survived and hasn't been pulled down yet. Well, and this picture of the lineup with a fan's caption edited in. ^_^

This page has a little more info, as well as a pic of one of the cast members with his shirt off, so maybe don't look at it at work. (Unless your work's okay with that.) It also has an utterly hilarious tweet about DC movies vs. Marvel ones.

Happy Wednesday. :P

Today is Thor's Day, so I must post this:

New trailer for Thor: the Dark world.


Today, I am 34....

..and I've already had someone tell me I'm old. :P

Absolutely had to share this.

Okay. I've blogged before about the whole "George R. R. Martin is not your bitch" thing, that's been around for years, courtesy of Neil Gaiman. And a while back, several of us here shared the song by Paul and Storm urging George R. R. Martin to "write and write faster".

Now, witness what happens when Paul and Storm are performing that song live... when both Mr. Martin and Mr. Gaiman are present:

This is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. WEEKS, I tell you.

We won.

Supreme Court strikes down DOMA

It's not everything I'd hoped for, but it's a huge step forward.  And it'll be interesting to see how further legal battles pan out, now that same-sex marriages will receive full federal recognition.

I was going to write more about this, but it's been a bloody long past few days.  But I think it's enough to say that I'm very, very happy about this. ^_^

Wish me luck. No, seriously this time.

So as I mentioned in my last entry, I've applied for the Gameplay Capture Artist position at Carbine.  I just sent off my application, including the video I made for it.  Very nervous.  This would be a serious dream job for me.  Hoping I hear back soon.

...going to go out and actually do things now, so I'm not constantly refreshing my inbox hoping for a miracle. ^_^

Successful weekend.

"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it." --Margaret Thatcher

And that pretty much describes my past three days. ^_^

Seriously, as much as long weekends have a well-earned reputation for laziness, I got a ton done. I've written a lot every night; the new book's going quite well and I'm really pleased with it. Clearly, not forcing myself to write really fast was a good idea. @_@ I might have hit the halfway mark tonight, it's really hard to tell - in my planning document, the first page of the plot takes up about 10 pages in the book, while the fourth page makes up at least twenty. So there's no way to know.

I also did a bunch of Responsible Adult Stuff like running a bunch of boring errands and cleaning my apartment and all that, but nobody really needs to hear about that. :P

What y'all might want to hear is this: I've started a new video project. Had the idea yesterday, knew it would be awesome if I could pull it off.  Granted, I had to figure out how to get Premiere to work with 1920x1080 resolution, as I've never done that before, but I made it work.  It's going really, really well so far, like maniacal laughter-inducing well.  The thing is, though, this is going to be different from anything else I've ever done.  Because this isn't going to be just another fun thing.  Oh no, not by a long shot.

It's going to be part of a job application.

A video for Mother's Day:

Heard this on the radio, knew I had to share it today. ^_^

Also, I've been trying to share this for the past few days, but I keep getting vague LJ errors: ABC picked up "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD", with the full series coming this fall. Check out the teaser here. Don't blink or you'll miss it, but you'll still get a sense of the pure awesome.

Say hello Insanity.

So, this past Monday, I started the Insanity workout. Today, I finally regained use of my legs.

I'm exaggerating, of course. But daaaaaaaaaamn. Considering how much time I spend sitting down, I wouldn't think that a workout that consists of a great deal of jumping around and running in place and dropping down for floor stuff and jumping around some more and more squats than an entire field of porta-potties would seem like a good idea. But oddly enough, it is.

I've worked out harder over the past six days than ever before in my life. And I used to ride my bike 12.5 miles a day back and forth to high school, uphill both ways. (No, seriously. Both my parents lived on hills, and my school was atop an even bigger hill.) It feels really good to be getting into better shape, even if I regret it every morning when I try to get out of bed and I'm thinking it's incredibly unfair when each leg is hurting in a different place. But by the end of the week, I was feeling better afterward, less tired and more able to handle the heavy workout.

Even if I end each workout not merely sweating but looking like I've been dipped in a vat of sweat.

Gotta say, though, it's oddly reassuring to watch the people who are doing the workout get all tired and have to take breaks. The guy who leads it keeps saying to take a break if you need to, and these people who are already in ridiculous shape take him up on it. Hell, he started off the pure cardio workout saying he was nervous about getting through it, forgot one of the names of the exercises toward the end, and collapsed at the end, saying, "That shit is bananas." I can get through most of the workouts - I do have to take breaks, of course, but I'm pushing through more each time. Most importantly, I haven't stopped halfway through, or given up. And I think it'll get easier as it goes on.

I look better already, though I'm still waiting to see some definite weight loss results; I'm up 2.3 pounds since I started. But not only could that be muscle development, it also means I need to take a better look at my diet. I figured I'd start on that once I was sure I could survive the workouts. ^_^

Wish me luck as I keep going through this. I'll keep you posted. Here's hoping I don't reach the second month and then ask if anyone wants to buy the Insanity workout for cheap. :P


Tried to get a ticket on Wednesday and failed because there were over 5000 people in front of me trying the same thing. Tried today. was 1500somethingth in line. Got my ticket. Maniacal laughter ensued. I am overjoyed.

I know I've said this before, but really, only a dancing pandaren is sufficient to express my joy right now:




Wish me luck!

I'm going to try to go to Blizzcon this year. It's Blizzard's massive convention for its own games, and I want to go because I've been enjoying the hell out of the current WoW expansion and I really, really want to see what's next. It's not something to do every time, like Dragon*Con, it's more that I want to experience this at least once.

Anyway, the first round of tickets goes on sale this Wednesday, and they're infamously hard to get because they sell out so bloody quick. So. Wish me luck, everyone, I'll tell you how it went in less than 48 hours....

The ends of two eras.

Easier one first: this past Friday, the boss brought us all together in the L-shaped colony of cubicles that makes up our office, and gave us all some grave news: he's quitting. Trust me, there's something very odd about getting two weeks' notice from your own manager. @_@ Turns out he had a job offer from a place that will pay him more and not work him as hard, a place where he won't have to manage the collective of hard work and insanity that makes up his employees and his own bosses won't expect him to take on massive extra projects for no extra pay. I don't think any of us blamed him for a second.

It's just really weird to think about. I've been at my current job for a long damn time, and this guy's been my boss since 2006. We've got a great working relationship - he's really easy to get along with, he jokes with us all the time, but when he says "Do this", we do it, simple as that. And I know that's a rare thing in the workplace. He also listens to us and our concerns, which also seems to be a rare thing in the workplace. It really won't be the same without him. And while I'm usually an optimist, I'm kind of dreading his replacement. I've seen some of the people who've come in as new managers. Some of them are cool, some I would not want to work under at all. And I don't think for a second that my co-workers and I are going to have any input in the selection process.

So, yeah. I'm hoping for the best for him but fearing for the rest of us, and wondering a little if it's time for me to think about heading out as well. *shrug* Just a thought for now.

On to the second thing. This happened last month, and I talked about it in my writing blog, but I figured it was about time I talked about it here: I've stopped trying to get Skyborne published.

It's easier to say that now, now that I've had about a month to deal with it. But I've realized the book just wasn't working out. The plot didn't nutshell well, which made querying it very difficult, and it's probably not best to save the entire world (quite literally) in the first book. And the way of introducing this new world in bits and pieces (also quite literally), supposedly the setting for a bunch of books to follow, that wasn't really the best idea either. It's weird to talk about it like that when it's an idea I've been working with off and on since 2009, but I think it's the best decision.

...not that I've stopped working on the story. ^_^ Within the space of a week after I started thinking about doing a new story for this world and these characters, I put together a brand new plot that I absolutely loved. Then I talked about it with Rena, who pointed out some stuff I didn't like but needed to hear. Since then - two weeks ago yesterday - I've put together an entirely new plot that I love even more. It's deeper and darker and more personal than Skyborne ever was, and while it still needs work, I'm eager to get started.

So, yeah. One door closes, another opens, even if those doors aren't in the same walls.

..and if I'm straining a metaphor that hard, I clearly need some sleep...
Began the search for cosplay clothing today for Dragon*Con 2013. Wholly unsuccessful. -_- Can't find white jeans anywhere, and my shirt needs are too specific for the immediately local places. I'll have to do more searching and make use of the internet. I've picked up a lot of costume parts at Wal-Mart, but apparently not this time. Oi.

Seen the first episode of "Game of Thrones" season three? YES. Good stuff. I'm looking forward to this season, ridiculously so; A Storm of Swords is easily my favorite of the first three books and I can't wait to see how it all plays out on TV. People who haven't read the books are going to flip their collective shit when the weddings happen, aren't they.

I recently purchased the set of DVDs for the Insanity workout. Why? I was discussing workouts with Jo and it was the only one she knew of that met what I was looking for. Oddly enough, I'm not worried, despite how hard I've heard it is. It's supposed to arrive this week. If my next LJ entry starts with "I'm writing this from a hospital bed", at least you know why. ^_^

One of my co-workers is a cosmetology student. In the time I've spent working with her, I've learned more about makeup, skin and hair care, the ridiculous intricacies of nail care and painting, and unwanted hair removal than ever before in my life. I told her about an online comic I read where it's entirely possible for someone to change gender overnight (or whenever they feel like it for some people), and she reassured me if that ever happened to me, she'd teach me how to do my makeup. I'm not sure if that's very reassuring.

It's been really weird reading all the stuff in the news recently about North Korea. My dad went there for a massive work project back in 1997, so I feel like I know a little more about the place than most people, from him telling me about it. I don't know if I'd say I'm worried about a war, I just hope this doesn't end horribly.

I've been reading Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, weird Russian sci-fi about these places on the world altered by alien contact. It's interesting; I haven't read anything Russian since college. (Yes, it's translated to English.) It's really focused on one guy so far, so all the bizarre stuff doesn't get any real explanation and not a whole lot of investigation. This fits the story, but at the same time, it sometimes feels like it's focused more on peoples' reaction to something out of their world than the alien stuff itself. It's interesting, and worth reading, but I'm not sure if I like it.

Said book is number ten of the fifteen I got for Christmas. Good thing my recent Amazon order included more books, I'm starting to run low. :P

Picked up a memory foam mattress at Costco, and it's awesome. After only two nights, I can already tell I'm sleeping better. What I'd like to know, though, is this: memory foam mattress, memory foam pillow, and yet I still don't remember most of my dreams. Something about this stuff isn't working right.

Speaking of sleep... off that way soon. g'night.

Can't... stop... staring...

I think I've found my new favorite website: It's exactly what it sounds like, provided you don't think it sounds like actual porn. ^_^

Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel a sudden need to do the rearranging of my bookshelves I've been putting off. Real LJ entry tomorrow.

Edit to add: a bit over an hour later, rearrangement is complete. I have a stack of books to sell on, and I've made use of the shelf space on my desk as well. Also, the entire top shelf of my main bookshelf consists of George R. R. Martin, Jim Butcher, and Neil Gaiman. This pleases me.

Bringing Shakespeare back.

I haven't seen anyone talk about this or anything, and ye gods, why not?!

So glad this got picked up - though really, after Avengers, Whedon could probably have some animators make his toenail clippings dance and there'd be a bidding war. ^_^ But seriously, I'm looking forward to this like crazy. Though I will spend the entire time pretending it's Agent Coulson doing deep cover to investigate a guy who claims to be a spaceship captain.

And while I'm talking trailers, the full trailer for Monsters University is out, and it looks bloody hilarious. Can't wait for this one. Bwa ha ha.

So, yeah, one month later....

Ever have those things you keep thinking about doing except when you're actually in a position to do them? Yeah, me too. Updating my LJ has been one of those. Granted, I'm not sure if not being in a position to do so really counts considering how much time I spend in front of this computer... but let's move past that. ^_^ Time for a bit of a life update.

The book I wrote in January kind of went 'meh'. I got the whole thing out of my system, but I lost my passion for it early on, and just kept writing because I knew if I didn't I'd always wonder how it could have turned out. I think I've finally gotten rid of my urge to write that story. It just doesn't work. And I learned not to push myself to write five pages a night just because I can. Both times that's produced crap books. I'm still planning on going back and looking it over next month, just to make sure, but I'm not counting on it suddenly being worth working on again.

So, naturally, I'm back to what I do best (and most): plotting. This is actually going quite well. I've got the plot for the sequel to Skyborne mostly laid out; I just need to fill in a bunch of details along the way and make sure everyone's actions make sense. I still find myself saying "Okay, why is he/she doing this?" and needing a better answer than "Because it's in the plot." I've also been working on a revision of an older story done from the POV of one of the main antagonists; working this out has led to me reworking the mythology and I really like what I've come up with so far.

Work is still, well, work. But the team-within-the-department I'm part of works together well, and our two junior members are picking up the various tasks pretty easily. I'm confident they'll be able to do everything they need to do before my requested vacation times come up. Work is really cracking down on vacation time this year, especially in the last two months, and I'm still not sure if I'll be able to get all the time off that I want. Yeesh.

Been planning more cosplay for Dragon*Con this year, and I think I've hit on two costumes that fit that holy trinity of character I like, costume that's comfortable in Atlanta in August, and costume that's fairly easy to assemble. Don't worry, I'm making up for that last part with plans to create something large and elaborate that might or might not work. And I need wigs. Also been planning some more videos for D*C, really need to start ripping footage and get to work...

I received 15 books for Christmas last year. They're in a stack on my bookshelf. I'm currently on number six and working my way down. Life in this area is quite good, thanks. ^_^

And the one thing that never changes... I don't get enough sleep. Time to work on that. g'night.

Iron Man 3: extended look trailer.

No, seriously:

Robert Downey Jr. is possibly the only actor I know of who could pull off that opening bit. ^_^ And the rest of it looked pretty damn cool. Only 3 more months!

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